What is Enhanced e-Stamping System
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 What is Enhanced e-Stamping System
Enhanced e-Stamping System
The enhanced e-Stamping system is an internet-enabled portal that gives you the convenience of stamping your documents at home or in office. There is no need to pay any subscription or transaction fee.
Enhanced Features in e-Stamping System
- Application for stamp certificate amendment
- Claim for refund of stamp duty
- Verification of authenticity of stamp certificate

For individuals, payment is by eNETS if you are stamping at home or in office. If you e-stamp at e-terminals at IRAS Surf Centre, payment is by NETS or eNETS. For businesses or individuals who stamp frequently, you can sign up as registered users to enjoy more features. Payment of stamp duty will be by GIRO.
Sign Up as Registered User
- Click here to sign up as a registered user
Registered users can enjoy the following features :-
• Correspond with IRAS electronically
• Print Statement of Accounts on your past transactions
• Manage and approve stamping done by your staff
• Amend typographical error on the stamp certificate and re-print the amended certificate
• Generate reports for your past transactions